Moving your servers to a virtualized environment allows you to reduce hardware costs, increase the flexibility of your systems and increase availability. You’ll often get more performance out of your current server hardware than you realized was possible. We can help you reduce the number of servers you have in production, which will save on upgrade, maintenance and energy costs.

For small businesses with too many underutilized servers or escalating IT costs, virtualization offers relief by fundamentally changing the way IT resources are managed and deployed. Virtualization provides unmatched flexibility, performance, and utilization by allowing you to move server workloads from one virtual work space to the next, maximizing server resources on the fly based on your business needs.

For businesses needing to breathe new life into your aging servers, but not ready to spend to upgrade yet? Virtualize your existing servers and then upgrade on your timeframe later. Low labor costs and quick turn around make this an effective solution to avoiding server failures due to old hardware.

vmware stack

Properly implemented, virtualization will:

  • Improve Server Performance and Utilization
  • Simplify disaster recovery
  • Consolidate servers which allows you to do more with less
  • Go Greeen – fewer servers means lower electricity usage, cooling bills and a smaller carbon footprint
  • Improved application performance through fast provisioning and dynamic load balancing
  • Pool common resources, and optimize infrastructure
  • Improve operational flexibility and responsiveness
  • Increase application availability and improved business continuity
  • Improve server and desktop management and security
  • GB Network Systems and Security brings multi-vendor, multi-platform expertise across a wide range of systems, platforms and technologies. Our engineers have extensive experience sizing, designing and implementing all types of virtualization technologies including VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

    We’ll do an assessment of your business and your network to acquire a complete understanding of your operations and objectives. Then we’ll design and implement the right server virtualization solution for your company’s specific needs. Once implemented, we’ll can provide you with ongoing management and support. You can count on our engineers to develop and deploy the best solution for your business.