IP Based Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is common place in any business with important resources to protect. Our IP Video Surveillance solutions will immediately deter misconduct, increase productivity and safeguard against outside threats. Security procedures and technology must effectively prevent vandalism, accidents, and unlawful access from disrupting daily operations. In addition to theft, employee safety is an important part of surveillance technology. Increased security and video surveillance may also alleviate liability and lower insurance costs.

IP surveillance uses a company’s existing wired and wireless network to transmit images from analog cameras and/or IP cameras over public networks. These systems allow live streaming video and still image transfer into a standard, easy-to-use Web browser, so video can be viewed in real time from anywhere.
IP-based systems also deliver a great deal of additional functionality. These systems include indoor/outdoor cameras for all environments, infra-red cameras, motion detection, and monitoring software to send administrative alerts. IP-based cameras work with monitoring software and network-attached storage devices to allow improved event search and retrieval and remote management of the physical security solution. It allows physical security systems to be integrated and managed using the same network that is used for the rest of the business.

They provide motion detection, auto time and date stamps, easy transfer of visuals, and pre- and post-alarm messaging. Business owners are notified immediately if an event is occurring; they can then log on to the system remotely to see what’s happening in their offices and businesses. These systems record and allow live streaming of video and still images into a standard Web browser, so video can be viewed in real time, or recorded digitally and stored for playback at a later time.

Most users also have discovered that IP surveillance is very affordable, since companies already have many components of the system in place.
IP technology is the next step forward for surveillance systems. IP-based streaming video surveillance lets organizations monitor, prevent and/or respond to emergency situations more effectively and affordably, via the Internet.

Internet-based surveillance is a perfect fit for businesses that rely heavily on technology. Your business is most likely already equipped with the technological infrastructure for quickly and inexpensively implementing IP video surveillance. Our engineers can strategically install discreet security cameras that can be monitored on any computer with proper clearance. The video is streamed for real time surveillance and recorded locally for future playback.

GBNSS offers complete installation and service for IP cameras, security systems, and video surveillance cameras. Whether you are operating a large office building, retail store, commercial building, or small office, our IP cameras and security systems can help protect your business from internal and external threats. We can offer expert advice to help you select the IP security cameras and video surveillance equipment to meet your needs. Whether you need a single camera watching a door or a complete network of IP cameras, security equipment, and surveillance equipment, we can help.