As your organization matures and information technologies become increasingly sophisticated, you will need support to upgrade and migrate computer systems in order to maintain an optimal infrastructure that will support core business functions.

Older workstations and servers running unsupported operating systems are vulnerable against the rapidly changing threat landscape. Newer operating systems which are supported by vendors, will have frequent security patches to protect systems from vulnerabilities. Upgrading servers and workstations will ensure that your organization’s systems are protected against threats such as viruses, phishing schemes, and network scans.

Newer operating systems and applications take advantage of faster processing powers that are only available in newer hardware technologies. Whether your organization needs desktop support to upgrade operating systems on workstations and servers or if you need to migrate the entire IT infrastructure to new hardware, GBNSS can help. Our enginners utilize proven and tested strategies and will work with your organization to create an optimal upgrade and migration plan that will streamline the transition from old to new with minimal service interruption.

GBNSS delivers the critical expertise needed to modernize and transform your organization’s technology.
Our experts provide technical expertise and best practices to help you quickly implement, migrate and upgrade while reducing risk and most importantly accelerating adoption of technologies. By upgrading and migrating your technology the additional functionality will improve your business processes while delivering information quickly and providing stakeholders with the business intelligence and insight needed.

We implement best practices and best in class strategies to create seamless upgrades on premise or in the cloud. We facilitate upgrade processes that are faster, with lower cost and little risk. By keeping your business applications up to date we ensure that you maximize your investment and experience the deepest benefits possible.

We ensure fast and seamless upgrade and migration services focused on minimizing downtime and maximizing business benefits. We manage all aspects of upgrades and migration services from assessment, planning, end-user communication and scheduling, go-live and post-migration support.

We focus on accelerating migration and technology upgrades while reducing risk through dedicated experts, proven methodologies and strategies. We work alongside your team to ensure migration support, advisory, consulting and strategy meet the needs of your business.

GBNSS provides for the following migration consulting and support services:

  • Implementation plans: project management, assessments, tasks, resources, timelines, duration
  • Organizational change management and end user adoption strategies
  • Pre-Upgrade and Migration Evaluation
  • Content Evaluation
  • Content Migration
  • Extending Integration Capabilities
  • Configuration
  • Third Party Tool/Product Recommendations
  • Assessment & Governance Planning
  • Analysis and review of current technology platforms and applications
  • Deploying and Implementing Upgrades and Migrations
  • Provided tailored Training and Support
  • Tailored Implementation Services