The nucleus of your business network is without a doubt your servers. They house critical applications, databases and e-mail functionality. Your servers are mission critical for the overall success of your business and health of your network. GB Network Systems and Security understands how vital your server environment is to the life of your business, which is why we deploy the most technologically advanced tools to help us monitor the most critical aspects of your server environment and manage the performance of your servers in real time.

GB Network Systems and Security will guide your through best practices for backup and disaster recovery. In the unlikely event of any unforeseen disasters, your business will be prepared to ensure business continuity and functionality while avoiding costly and unnecessary downtime.

With GB Network Systems and Security’s central dashboard in place, we become your network administrator, carrying out all the routine maintenance required to keep your employees working and your network secure. We will ensure that new employees are working, old employees are not and your information is accessible to the correct individuals.