GB Network Systems and Security has the expertise needed to help your organization be secure and protected now and into the future. We have specializations in firewall security, intrusion detection/prevention systems, logging and SEIM services, VPN (virtual private networks), and encryption.

In years past a well configured firewall was considered all a business needed for security. The internet environment of today is much different than ten years ago and an advanced generation of new firewalls that include multiple layers of technologies are needed to secure the entry points of your network. Today’s firewalls often include network based intrusion detection systems and network based antivirus protection. The modern firewalls also perform deep protocol inspection to enhance visibility into what is traversing your network.

We are proud to offer firewalls and intrusion detection systems made by Cisco Systems and Fortinet to cover all types of scenarios that our customers may need and encounter.

We are happy to have 3rd party service providers do vulnerability scanning or penetration testing against firewalls we configure. In fact, most companies require it to be sure they are configured properly. We can recommend reputable third party vendors for testing and verification to ensure our work is correct and compliant.

For all the advancements, firewalls are only a piece of the security puzzle. Security should be viewed as a layered system in which all the layers work together to secure your systems. In addition to firewalls, GB Network Systems and Security can help your business with anyone of the following technologies.

  • Virtual Private Remote Access Networks (VPN) – for encrypted remote access to your systems from almost anywhere.
  • Virtual Private WAN networks – for encrypting your network connections between offices
  • Host based security agents – security systems designed for individual servers
  • Logging and audit trails – setup logging for sensitive information such as HR files and setup alerts for attempted unauthorized viewing
  • Data Loss Prevention Software – this system looks for information exiting your organization that should not be – SSNs or credit card numbers