Offsite replication and recovery services

GBNSS utilizes Dell’s Appassure product line to built robust recovery plans with quick recovery times and offsite replication. We can even handle your companies Disaster Recovery strategy and recover you servers to our collocation facility in the event your office is no longer available. We can provide remote VPN for access so you can start rebuilding your business from anywhere you can access the internet. If you need to setup a temporary office we an create remote connections to your servers so the whole office can get back to work.

Unified backup for today’s IT environments

Few backup and recovery offerings scale efficiently to protect today’s diverse computing environments. Dell AppAssure integrates backup, replication and recovery, giving you complete, unified data protection across virtual, physical and cloud.

Protect Continuously

Nearly eliminate data loss with up to 288 snapshots daily – data and applications
Protect virtual and physical servers

Move Anywhere

Store, replicate and recover to virtual physical or cloud
WAN-optimized replication to DR-virtual or physical

Recover in Minutes

Recover and run virtual and physical servers anywhere – onsite or in the cloud – in minutes
Know your applications are recoverable with automated nightly validation
Recover anywhere – even to dissimilar hardware

Simplify Administration

Web-based console lets you manage virtual, physical and cloud – all from one interface

Optimize Storage Use

Reduce your backup footprint up to 80% with global deduplication and compression

Secure Your Data

Encrypted communications secures data that travels outside of your server room or data center