Information security threats are growing and changing on a daily basis with new critical security flaws, viruses, and major data breaches making the headlines. The expectation of instant access to information and company resources, as well as the reliance on Information Technology and constant connectivity exposes organizations to risk 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Add to this federal and state privacy compliance requirements and the modern organization is under intense pressure. In this complex environment, a security breach could lead to regulatory penalties, negative publicity, lawsuits, and most damaging of all, a loss of customer confidence.

GB Network Systems and Security’s experienced engineers have provided support to non-profits, healthcare, legal, financial service, transportation, construction, government contractors and many others.
Our consulting team has numerous security certifications; accumulated hours of compliance support; performed countless security assessments and advised the heads of companies across multiple industries.
If you have compliance regulations for NCUA, PCI, HIPA, CMMI or others, we can help.

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Information Security & Compliance Assessments

Let GB Network Systems and Security help to define your current compliance and security posture. As our assessments are based upon guidance from broadly accepted frameworks, they effectively identify the gaps between your current state and industry best practices. The results of these reviews will allow you to prioritize your efforts and address your high risk areas in a timely manner.

Vulnerability & Risk Assessments include highly technical internal and external vulnerability analysis or high level asset classification and threat analysis depending on your requirements. Our seasoned team of security professionals will help you to properly translate the results of these reviews to identify the true risks to your organization.

Ethical Hacking can be used to determine how susceptible your organization is to internal and/or external attack. Whether it be a logical penetration of systems or applications, social engineering of your employees, or physical penetration of your buildings and data centers these reviews will clearly demonstrate the level of access a motivated attacker may be able to obtain.

Compliance Road Mapping translates the results of assessments performed by engineers into realistic long and short term plans. Our experienced team of professionals will help you to design an effective and sustainable security and compliance program.

IT Audit Support requirements may vary depending on your goals. With extensive regulatory and compliance experience we can assist you in the execution of mandatory audits, performed consistent with accepted standards, or help your IT department prepare for and respond to ongoing audits, which can take efforts away from important day-to-day activities or initiatives. Our team of highly experienced and certified engineers can help regardless of the situation.

Skilled Security Staff is something every organization should have, but, not every organization can afford. Experienced Security Engineers can be expensive and may not always be necessary on a long term basis. GB Network Systems and Security can help you offset these costs by providing experienced security and compliance regulation support to our customers.