We offer colocation services in northern Virginia’s premier hosting data center Equinix. This state of the art facility can propel your business forward with unparalleled reliability and connectivity. We host our own online operations in Equinix and we have had nothing but excellent experience. Email us for a tour today!

First, a word about the “cloud”. Cloud is a marketing term that has lost all usefulness because it means something different to everyone. Our definition of the cloud is moving your IT infrastructure from your office building to a purpose built environment that is secure, reliable, and accessible from anywhere. That environment can be anything from a public, shared services like Gmail or Dropbox, to virtual machines hosted in a data center, or hybrid networks the combine local resources with hosted services. Whatever you need from the “cloud”, we can help you get there.

In addition to helping you develop a sound cloud strategy, GB Networks offers our own flexible, secure, and reliable cloud infrastructure services from our data center in Ashburn, Virginia. Services include virtual server hosting, disaster recovery site hosting, off-site backups, and more. If you’d like to be in multiple datacenters across the country, we can help with that too.

  • Datacenters offer the following advantages to hosting servers in your office
  • Reliability – Redundant power and Generators, cooling, Internet
  • Cost Effective – No large capital outlays for new servers every few years
  • Secure – Access to the building restricted by biometric security
  • Flexible – Hundreds of internet providers available
  • Disaster Resistant – for hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, earthquakes, and floods